Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support Stripe Connected Accounts?
Our platform is 100% compatible with the Stripe Connected Platform and it's Make My Donations preferred integration solution for processing charitable grants. To learn more about the integration process, visit donation processing with Stripe. If you have completed the on boarding process and need more information on Stripe Meta data requirements, visit Stripe Meta data requirements for donation processing.

 Can you support fund distribution to the charities?

Our partnership with Make My Donation Inc. a Florida 501(c)(3) can support all of your payment and fund distribution needs to over 1.5 million charities in the United States.

 Do you support custom requirements? Will

Yes, our team can support a variety of custom requirements. Please contact us to schedule a review of your specific needs.

 Can you provide us with some examples of other organizations that are using your API?

We have partnered over 1,000 of innovative companies that are changing the way people donate. We are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in their philanthropic endeavors. Here are a few links to organizations that are having a tremendous impact in the area of charitable giving.

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 Do we need to pay for the charity API while in development?

No, you can make calls to our API during your development phase at no cost. The first step is to sign up for your API key and you will receive your key immediately.  There are no up-front fees or contracts required to begin API integration into your application. Sign up is easy and you can have your development keys within minutes.

 How often is your data updated?

Our data is updated on a daily basis and in some cases hourly. We work with a number of data sources including the IRS, various branches of the government, as well as charities on an ongoing basis. We've received numerous letters of gratitude from charities around the United States on our ability to rapidly update their profile within the OrgHunter system and keep their data current.

I see that your database has over 2.5 million charity records, can we limit the charities to only eligible ones?

Yes, one of the search parameters that you can provide during any search is eligible. If eligible=1 then only organizations that are in good standing with the IRS and are tax deductible will be returned to your application or website.

 Can we filter the data within your Charity API?

Yes, we have a number of filters available right out of the box. You can limit the data that is returned by providing search terms, EIN number,  City, State, and ZIP Code. you also have the ability to limit the number of records that are returned to your application.

 Is there a fee to use your Charity API?

We have a variety of programs and partnerships available. If you join our affiliate program there is no monthly fee to use our charity API. we are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial developers who are finding innovative ways to engage new donors as a part of their platform.  in addition to our affiliate program, we can also support your project by exposing your application or website to hundreds of thousands of charities around the United States.

 What merchant gateways do you currently support?

Our partner, Make My Donation Inc. a Florida-based 501(c)(3), is partnered with Stripe. If you are interested in donation processing in addition to charity vetting, visit donation processing with Stripe to learn more about the integration process. We support grant distribution to 1.5 million US-Based organizations.

We are interested in processing donations. Can you support us?

Yes, our partnership with Make My Donation Inc. a Florida based 501(c)(3) can support all of the back-office processes required to collect, provide receipts and distribute donations to over 1.5 million charities in the United States.

Is there a free charity API option?

In many cases we provide our charity API free of charge if you join our affiliate program. Please feel free to contact us to review your requirements with a member of our team. We are dedicated to supporting innovation and charitable giving by partnering with organizations that are finding new ways to engage donors.