Stripe Meta Data

Stripe Meta Data

Charity Premium API LogoThe following Meta Data Fields are available to pass with each transaction when using Stripe.

Search Parameters:

Stripe Meta Data Field Sample Data Notes
charityName The Charity Name Required Field
EIN 123456789 Required Field
partnerID 10000 Required Field
emailAddress Optional - Donor Email address
firstName John Optional - Donor First Name
lastName Doe Optional - Donor Last Name
donorData1 This gift is in memory of Jane Doe Optional - This will end up in Comments 1 on the charity donation report
donorData2 These funds should be used for your new roof project Optional - This will end up in Comments 2 on the charity donation report
serviceFee 3.5 Optional - Set a custom platform fee for this transaction. This value represents a percentage of the total amount. In this example, a 3.5% fee

The following report is available to the charity within their charity profile on All reports are updated daily regardless of the payout status. Your company name will be provided with each transaction processed. Comments 1 or Comments 2 can be used for information purposes or the designation of funds.

Donation Report