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Charity Search Summary API LogoThis method enables you to search the entire database of IRS registered nonprofits. Use this API to return multiple charities based on user inputs such as an EIN, charity name, category, city, state, and ZIP Code. You can control the number of records that are returned and page position to implement Pagination. To filter out ineligible organizations simply pass the value eligible=1.

NEW GIS Support - The Charity Search Summary API now supports Longitude, Latitude and Distance. We are ready to support your GIS requirement and innovative Geo Location based applications and websites. Longitude and Latitude data available on 2.5M charities.

HTTP method


Charity Search API End Point

Request URL Example

cURL Example

curl -v -X POST ""

Search Parameters:

Parameter Data Type Required/Optional Description
user_key string required Your API Key
ein number optional Employer Identification Number (EIN)
searchTerm string optional Charity Name or Keyword. Example: "humane society" or "cancer"
city string optional city name. Example: "Miami"
state string optional state name - Two letter state abbreviation
zipCode string optional zipcode value - 5 digit zipcode value
form990_amount_min numeric optional form 990 amount - number only, no spaces, commas or decimals. Returns records with revenue greater than or equal to an amount
form990_amount_max numeric optional form 990 amount - number only, no spaces, commas or decimals. Returns records with revenue less than or equal to an amount
latitude numeric optional latitude value - longitude must be supplied along with a latitude value
longitude numeric optional longitude value - latitude must be supplied along with a longitude value
distance numeric optional Longitude and latitude must be supplied when passing a distance value, distance will be calculated in miles (10 mile maximum)
category string optional Category Value Selected from Categories API, multiple values can be passed and separated by a coma
eligible string optional eligible=1 will return only organizations that are tax deductible and in good standing with the IRS
rows number optional Records Per Page. Default Value = 20
start number optional Record Set Start Position

Response Values:

The following values are returned
Name Data Type Description
ein string Employer Identification Number (EIN)
charityName string Charity Name
category string Category Description
url string URL Link to the Detail Page
city string Organization City
state string Organization State
zipCode number Organization Zip Code
website string Organization Website Address
missionStatement string Organization Mission Statement
longitude string Longitude Value
latitude string Latitude Value
acceptingDonations string Organization Accepts Donations 1=Yes, 0=No
start number Search Result Score
rows number Number of Records Requested
recordCount number Total Records Available
score number Search Result Score

Response Body Example

{ "code": "200", "msg": "OK, all went through!", "data": [ { "ein": "271742079", "charityName": "TREASURE COAST HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATION INC", "category": "Community Improvement, Capacity Building", "url": "", "donationUrl": "", "eligibleCd": 1, "city": "VERO BEACH", "state": "Florida", "zipCode": "32961-2731", "deductibilityCd": 1, "statusCd": 1, "start": 0, "rows": 20, "recordCount": 204, "score": 8.947861, "website": "", "missionStatement": "", "acceptingDonations": 1 }

Common Codes

The following values are returned
  • 200 OK
  • 403 Not Authorized
  • 404 No Results Found
  • 500 Server Error


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