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Charity API

The OrgHunter Charity API provides developers access to over 2.5M charities. Our Charity API goes well beyond the IRS pub78 data source and enables your organization to perform accurate real-time charity vetting. Over 1000 websites and mobile applications depend on our Charity API daily, making us the largest charity data provider on the market today!

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The OrgHunter Charity API is an interface that allows you to incorporate real time search results directly into your own application or website.

Data at a glance
Charity location information including Longitude and Latitude.
Detailed Charity Financial Data on 508,584 current 990 and 990ez extracts.
Access to over 10 million 990 images.
Access to realtime charts and graphs based on 990 and 990ez returns.
Custom API's Available (for organizations with specific eligibility requirements)
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