Charity NTEE Classification API

NTEE Classification - categories

Charity NTEE Classification API LogoThis method enables you to provide a list of categories to your end-users allowing them to focus their search on a specific category. OrgHunter uses the NTEE Classification System developed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics as part of its keyword searching criteria. The National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system is used by the IRS and NCCS to classify nonprofit organizations. It is also used by the Foundation Center to classify both grants and grant recipients (typically nonprofits or governments).

HTTP method:


Charity NTEE Classification API End Point

Request URL Example

cURL Example

curl -v -X POST ""
Parameter Data Type Required/Optional Description
user_key string required Your API Key

Response Values:

The following values are returned
Name Data Type Description
categoryId Number Category ID
categoryDesc string Category Description

Response Body Example

{ "code": 200, "msg": "OK, all went through!", "data": [ { "categoryId": "?", "categoryDesc": "Not Provided" }, { "categoryId": "A", "categoryDesc": "Arts, Culture and Humanities" }, { "categoryId": "B", "categoryDesc": "Educational Institutions and Related Activities" }, { "categoryId": "C", "categoryDesc": "Environmental Quality, Protection and Beautification" }, { "categoryId": "D", "categoryDesc": "Animal-Related" }, { "categoryId": "E", "categoryDesc": "Health - General and Rehabilitative" }, { "categoryId": "F", "categoryDesc": "Mental Health, Crisis Intervention" }, { "categoryId": "G", "categoryDesc": "Diseases, Disorders, Medical Disciplines" }, { "categoryId": "H", "categoryDesc": "Medical Research" }, { "categoryId": "I", "categoryDesc": "Crime, Legal-Related" }, { "categoryId": "J", "categoryDesc": "Employment, Job-Related" }, { "categoryId": "K", "categoryDesc": "Food, Agriculture and Nutrition" }, { "categoryId": "L", "categoryDesc": "Housing, Shelter" }, { "categoryId": "M", "categoryDesc": "Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief" }, { "categoryId": "N", "categoryDesc": "Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics" }, { "categoryId": "O", "categoryDesc": "Youth Development" }, { "categoryId": "P", "categoryDesc": "Human Services - Multipurpose and Other" }, { "categoryId": "Q", "categoryDesc": "International, Foreign Affairs and National Security" }, { "categoryId": "R", "categoryDesc": "Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy" }, { "categoryId": "S", "categoryDesc": "Community Improvement, Capacity Building" }, { "categoryId": "T", "categoryDesc": "Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations" }, { "categoryId": "U", "categoryDesc": "Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services" }, { "categoryId": "V", "categoryDesc": "Social Science Research Institutes, Services" }, { "categoryId": "W", "categoryDesc": "Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other" }, { "categoryId": "X", "categoryDesc": "Religion-Related, Spiritual Development" }, { "categoryId": "Y", "categoryDesc": "Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other" }, { "categoryId": "Z", "categoryDesc": "Unknown" }, { "CODE": "?", "Description": "Not Provided" } ] }

Common Codes

The following values are returned
  • 200 OK
  • 403 Not Authorized
  • 404 No Results Found
  • 500 Server Error


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